Would You Wear These Waxed Canvas Rain Chaps?

The creator of Splatterdashes is seeking feedback on their design.

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If it’s raining and you’re about to get on your bike, you put on your rain jacket. It’s just makes sense. But if you’re like a majority of bike riders cruising around the city in the wet season, you don’t put on the accompanying rain pants. You just grin and bear it and let your jeans get wet.

Conventional rain pants are basically the antithesis to fashion, so it makes sense in a way that many urban cyclists eschew the Gore-tex trousers in favor of a slightly less-comfortable commute. But at the end of the day, getting wet sucks.

Andreas Eiken is hoping to solve that problem with the Splatterdashes, waxed canvas chaps that seek to provide a fashionable alternative to rain pants. The Splatterdahses cover your entire foot and extend up onto your thighs, providing coverage from the rain in all the areas you’re likely to get hit, and not bothering with the areas you won’t. They are also easy to put on and take off, meaning no more pulling over under an awning to take off your shoes and pull on your rain pants whenever it starts to pour. Eiken hopes that a convenient rain pant which fits better with an urban aesthetic will reduce some of the barriers that prevent people from riding through the wet months.

But Splatterdashes haven’t formally hit the market yet. Eiken, a user experience and product designer from Vancouver, British Columbia, is seeking out feedback on the design before he moves ahead with the project. So what do you think? Would you wear Splatterdashes? Do you have any feedback or suggestions on the design? Share them in the comments!


  • Steve

    Sitting at my desk this morning with wet jeans and shoes I’m thinking these would be great. They would also be good in a lighter material.

  • jhn

    I think these look great, a shorter version without foot covers could be nice.

  • Theresa

    I would wear these and my a chick

  • Fredric

    Great idea, it must be a market for this. One big advantage is that its not as warm as full rainwear.

  • Tania

    If you’re still taking comments, I would definitely use these. I commute everyday, living in Vancouver!

  • Corey

    I want these. Just wish the thigh area had a little more coverage and maybe an elastic strap, but I would buy these now if they were on the market.

  • Karen Davis

    I like them. I wonder about coverage on a recumbent trike. I think they probably would offer a decent amount of coverage combined with wearing a jacket/poncho that protects the forward facing crotch area. I would buy them.

  • Chris Balduc

    I would like to see a gaiter version of these to use while mountain biking to protect my legs from nettles. Something light, breathable and durable. Leather is nice!

  • Chris

    I would most assuredly wear these!

  • Jan Miller

    My husband would definitely wear these. Let me know when they are offered for sale.

  • Aaron

    I’m just about to start bike commuting in LA, and while there’s not a ton of rain, it’s often enough during the winter season that I’d want something like this. These seem reasonably compact and light weight, and with good quality and durability I could easily see myself investing in a pair.

  • David Middleton, IDSA

    Only way to give feedback is to TRY THEM. Very willing to invest in a prototype pair so I can give proper feedback. Products need to be tested under actual usage not with an emotional reaction either positive or negative. (Thank you Donald Norman)

  • Sarah

    They would make a good addition to a poncho or rain cape. I would wear them if they came in a variety of foot and calf sizes.

  • Very functional, no doubt. But a bit too ‘Village People’ looking to be taken seriously.

  • This might be the next UGG! And new athleisure style! I really think so. He should redesign not only for bike but lady’s rain fashion like Hunter Boots or Ilse Jacobsen. Other textile is needed. For example flower printed https://t.co/UTPtcBUlhY

  • Gary Davis

    They looked alright in that short ideo, but I would like to see them in the rain. The concept is good. If the price was right, I would try them.

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