Ynot Cycle Tool Roll Review

Momentum Mag Reviews the Ynot Cycle Tool Roll Review

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Photo courtesy of YNOT Cycle

Photo courtesy of YNOT Cycle

PRICE: $34.99

FIND IT AT ynotcycle.com


I’d never tried a tool roll before I tested this item out. Verdict: a much better way to carry tools around than in a tool box. I already have a couple of tool boxes, so I wasn’t sure how the tool roll would fit in to my life. 

As it turns out, I was called to do some volunteer bike tuning for Earth Day and wanted to bring a basic set of tools along in my backpack (as I was biking to the event). The YNOT tool roll took all the supplies I needed (I left out items like a long crank wrench as they were too big to be able to fit).


This bag is great for holding a set of basic bike tools. It’s big enough for some wrenches, full size Allen keys, chain break tool, et cetera. It is however too big to be carried on your bike, unless maybe you’re going on an epic bike tour far from mechanics and need to carry some serious kit.


The YNOT Tool Roll is perfect for someone who has a reasonably small number of tools at home and wants something convenient to store them in at home.  It also makes sense for Mountain bikers or Racers who want a “field kit” for tools to keep in their car at the trailhead or at the start line.  

It’s also great if you’re going to help fix bikes (or anything else that needs tools) somewhere away from your primary tool storage and you want to carry a selection of items with you.

Tim Tewsley is a green building strategist with Recollective Consulting in Vancouver BC and a cycling instructor with HUB. Though he rides road and mountain bikes, he most enjoys his morning commute to work.

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