Yuba Boda Boda and Accessories Cargo Bike Review

As part of the 2014 City Bike City Life Look Book, Momentum Mag reviews the Yuba Boda Boda Cargo Bike and Yuba Add-ons.

PRICE: $999 (Boda Boda bicycle only, accessory prices are included in the product slideshow above)

FIND IT AT: yubabikes.com

The Boda Boda is a long tail upright cargo bike. Made with a lightweight aluminum frame, 26″ wheels with Schwalbe Big Ben tires, SRAM 8-speed shifter, disc brakes, integrated bamboo rear rack, chainguard, and ultra comfy saddle. Includes ding-dong bell and eco-friendly cork grips. Available in two colors in sizes. Medium fits riders 4’9″ (145 cm) to 5’10″ (178 cm).


First of all this bike is white, which I love! I get stopped everywhere I go and asked about this bike. I also love the cream color of the tires, so different than the usual black. I was very surprised at what a smooth ride this bike has. Although it is a large bike, it is easy to maneuver and ride, even with my son and $100 worth of groceries on the back. My quads still scream for mercy after the hills! The seat is very comfortable, the brakes are great, and the Nantucket front basket that we added comes in very handy as I carry my valuables in there. My son loves the soft pad for when he sits on in the back and the Yuba Ring is a nice option so he doesn’t distract me by having to hold on to me when I ride.


The only thing that would make my ride ideal for me is a cup holder! But, that said, this bike has met my every need.


This bike is perfect for parents with children between 3-9 years old, but be sure you buy the wheelskirt as they coud get their little feet stuck in the spokes. The Boda Boda allows you to get your errands done and buy groceries all while having your child safe on the back without having to worry if they are riding into traffic. Also, it has been great as a mobile fitness instructors like myself when I had to carry lots of equipment to class.


This bike made me feel like a local celebrity! I have not seen anyone in the city with one of these. This is the Cadillac of all bikes and I even named her Mildred. I ride Mildred everywhere in Vancouver, Burnaby, and wherever else I need to go. She is very easy to park with a great U-lock and the ease and comfort of the bike is what I love most. If it wasn’t easy and comfortable for me, or if it took too much time to park, I would not bother to ride it as I am very busy. There is really no need for a car if you have one of these!

This bike was generously assembled by The Standard.

Reviewed by Daniela Duva, Owner/ Operator of Survivor Fitness who rides her bike morning, noon and night usually to get groceries, do errands and to go to work and torture my class. She also enjoys riding it for pleasure up hills and of course, with my son. www.survivorfitness.com @wekickyourbutt.

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  • taylorwinfield

    Boda Boda will fit on a bus bike rack I think. (The earlier version would for sure). This could be a deal clincher for some, provided the rider can lift the bike onto the rack. It also might fit on some car bike racks – on my Soft Ride for sure. Since the Boda Boda is a factory made bike, the price is much less than US custom made bikes like Ahearns. I might like a compact double chainring and maybe a rear disc brake but I shouldn’t quibble for the price. If I didn’t already have 7 bikes, I could see myself getting one of these for laundry, grocery shopping, computer toting, etc.

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