January 6, 2014

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International results: Winter Bike Day

Here are the international results for Winter Bike to Work Day that was Feb. 14. Calgary participated for lst time with probably a certain amount of fun vengeance since there are some regular winter cyclists here.

Jean 300 days ago

Winter riding

For me and where I live, it's purely situational; the DEFAULT setting is, "I ride", but this past week has been an example of the situation asserting itself. A 2nd snowstorm in less than 2 weeks has resulted in over 16" of snow, exceptional for this region. Snow removal on the streets for these last 2 storms has been less than standard, IMO. The result has been some pretty sketchy rides! I chose not to ride yesterday because of it -- and I'm not looking forward to tomorrow, because of the present transition in the weather and road conditions. But tomorrow's a 'no choice" day....

MarkB 342 days ago

Calgary, Edmonton cycling in snow, etc.

Strange that this Canadian based cycling lifestyle magazine does not even mention Calgary nor Edmonton for winter cycling. Both cities do get awfully cold and have long winters. Both city have their cadre of regular winter cyclists in temperatures from -10 to -25 degrees C or lower. As a Calgarian for last 3 yrs. (after living, cycling in Vancouver for 8 yrs., also Toronto prior to that), it is noticeable to see some regular winter cyclists with their studded tires (or not). Photos here all are Calgary, except otherwise marked in captions:

I would suggest that Momentum editors contact BikeCalgary as a starting point ... Also as someone who lives near a major bike-ped pathway, the city does try to keep the path reasonably (though not perfectly) clear for cycling.

Come on editors, you have some great Canadian city examples...nearly in your own backyard. (And oh, did you know the newly elected mayor of Edmonton, the wife is a long time cyclist year round?Her blog:

Honest, any of the Canadian more wintery cities would have gladly provided your magazine of their local hardy (even hardier) winter cyclists than Copenhagen where the Danish city gets fairly mild winters.

Jean 341 days ago