May 21, 2013

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Cycling for really everyone

Land use and development policies must help ensure that destinations for daily needs are within convenient bicycling distances (for people of all income levels).

Todd Edelman 332 days ago

try ebikes too

A Dutch study shows power-assisted bicycles (ebikes) allowed a greater number and range of people to travel more often and further than muscle only powered pedal bicycles. Ownership of ebikes amongst the general population there is 5% but rises to 10% for the over 60 group, and that group travels twice as far as the over 60 group with pedal only bicycles on average.

Unfortunately cities here in Canada are moving to restrict ebikes due to vague "safety concerns" which is counter productive to reducing air pollution and congestion, one more ebike means one less car on the road.

Allan Harmsworth 333 days ago