Outdoor Tech Buckshot Wireless Speaker Review

We review the Buckshot, a tiny, affordable and water-resistant wireless speaker by Outdoor Technology

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Outdoor tech buckshot wireless speaker

Photo by David Niddrie

PRICE $39.99 USD

FIND IT AT outdoortechnology.com

The Outdoor Tech Buckshot is a super-portable, robust wireless speaker priced under $40. Beautifully designed and ready for the elements, this small speaker sounds great and can double as a speaker phone. Available in five colors, the Buckshot also includes a mount for your bicycle handlebars.

Outdoor Tech have the design down pat. This pocket-sized speaker looks sharp with signature triangular patterns and a rubberized exterior that begs to be handled. What sets this speaker apart from others in this category (under $40) is the ability to handle two-way communication using the built-in microphone. It has an IPX5 dustproof and water resistant rating, and can withstand drops and shocks. Connecting to your music player via Bluetooth, an impressive 16 hours of battery power keeps your music going all day into the night.

Everything is micro-sized on this device, tiny buttons and all. I usually use the controls on my phone itself to change volume or skip ahead, but you can do some of this straight off the base of the Buckshot. No direct line-in, this speaker connects by Bluetooth exclusively.

Of the other ‘under $40’ speakers tested, this one has the best sound quality and at higher volumes the distortion is minimal unless you are dropping big bass beats. Podcasts, rock and dance music all packed a punch with clear tones and ample volume. There is enough wattage to share your music with others on a ride, plenty for a picnic and in the kitchen making coffee in the morning, it’s perfect. The bicycle mount is fast and easy to use – a wrap-around piece of silicon you can strap to almost anything handlebar shaped. There is a tiny hole for a lanyard, too, if you want to just clip it to a bag or hang it somewhere. All in all, a very impressive little device with great sound, sleek design and an affordable price.

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