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July 14, 2011

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box your bike

Something that would save a step, especially if you do this alot is using a flipphandle for turning your handlebars..

joellen more than 3 years ago

folders on Amtrak

You can take a folding bike onto any Amtrak train or connecting bus as long as it will fit into the luggage space. If you ring Amtrak they will give you more details. I have been told that I can stow my folder in the space alotted to folding wheelchairs, as long as no wheelchair users need it. However, the connecting buses can only carry your folder if they don't have too many passengers with extra luggage, so it's best to avoid travelling at peak periods.

I have a basic Canadian Tire folder that I put into a Bazooka bag with some protection for the chain wheel. The bag folds up and clips to the handlebars for riding. I've also taken it on Greyhound (costs an extra $10).

Penny more than 3 years ago