April 12, 2012

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I had a Dahon, but sold it. On a tour this year I could've used it a lot. Getting a ride in when visiting meant I had to fix the bike that was there - with varying degrees of success. A folder would've fit in the Fiat 500 I was renting and I would've had a decent bike to use when visiting. Sad face.

Chris byron more than 1 year ago

Folding bikes

I 've owned 2 folding bikes, Dahon and Brompton. Hands down, both great riding experiences that have only increased my ability to bike where I need to go because I can easily store them at destinations and carry them on board public transportation. The Brompton is particularly easy for me to carry on board the city bus, thus increasing my ridership considerably, as the racks on the front of buses are often filled with full-sized bikes. Many folding bikes on the market are on the expensive side but there are also many very good affordable brands out there. For an a person living in a dense city where space comes at a premium, a folding bike is the logical choice. I keep mine stored behind a stuffed chair in our living room where I can quickly grab in when it's time to go out the door.

Karen more than 1 year ago

folding bike

I lived in the CBD for the past few years, I have a Bullitt cargobike I use most days for work, commuting & shopping. I just moved to a new place a couple of suburbs away but there is no room to park my Bullitt securely so I leave it in a garage in the city. I'm now considering getting a folding bike so I can ride to my garage where I park my cargobike. something not quite right here.......

coops more than 2 years ago

Folding bikes

Folding or no folding, biking is good for you. Better still if its done on a folding bicycle. I agree. I have kiked all my life; mountain, road and for the past 12 years urban. I commute everywhere on my Brompton. I run a tour company in which we conduct bicycle tours on Brompton only. People love it, it's faster and easier then with a normal bike. I only have good things to say about folding bikes. Yes!, there is one small snag, and that is that if you happen to own a good quality bike, such as Brompton, never leave the self-propelled vehicle out of your sight - I got three stolen by not paying enough attention...

Jaume Saladrigas-Cussons more than 2 years ago

Folding Bike

I really enjoyed riding the foldable Brompton Bike. When I visited my british friend at Lincoln City last April, we went around places and it was truely an experience riding the foldable bike. I have been planning to buy one here in the Philippines.

Jose Abraham Ongkiko more than 2 years ago