Bike Canada’s Capital with Ottawa Cycling Tours

See the art, architecture and greenery that Ottawa is known for.

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Ottawa Cycling Tours
Ottawa, ON

Tour: City View Tour
Length: Cover 20 km (12 miles) in 2-2.5 hours
When to Book: At least 48 hours in advance, one week in advance for large groups
Group Size: No minimum, Maximum 24
Cost: $75 CAD per person

Ottawa Cycling Tours encourages you to “put a new spin on the capital” with this comprehensive tour of Canada’s parliament city. From the art and architecture to the urban parks and trendy neighborhoods, this two-hour tour shows you the best Ottawa has to offer. The tours are non-scripted, your guides are locals who simply know their city in and out. The 20 km tour has plenty of stops along the way to re-energize and really get to know the city.

Ottawa Cycling Tours offers a number of other urban tours in Ottawa, as well as a few longer tours (over 25 km) to surrounding towns. They offer a combination cycling + whitewater rafting tour for women, as well as a few overnight trips.


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