Stylish Biking Jeans for Women: RYB Denim

Ride Your Bike (RYB) Denim, are introducing women’s jeans made to withstand the active, biking lifestyle of a female commuter.

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Chandel Bodner, a fashion design and marketing graduate, has combined her design expertise and passion for biking to create Ride Your Bike (RYB) Denim. Bodner’s jeans are made especially for women who ride bikes.

The RYB team has fine-tuned each element of these jeans to create a quality, comfortable piece of clothing. Keeping the process local was important to Bodner as RYB Denim are sewn in Canada. Teaming up with Cone Denim, a North Carolina-based denim mill, RYB Denim has created a unique weave that incorporates a blend of cotton, elastic, and a moisture-wicking treatment. RYB jeans have replaced the uncomfortable center seam found on most jeans and have replaced it with a unique, double-reinforced seat gusset to reduce saddle wear. In addition, the jeans have a raised waistband to allow for complete coverage, a built-in u-lock holder, reinforced belt loops, and reflective seam piping. “Ride Your Bike Denim is focused on creating a jean for women that flatter your shape, breathe, stretch as you ride,” explained Bodner, “and [make you] look great on and off your bike.”

To officially launch RYB Denim, Bodner has taken to Indiegogo to raise $25,000 CAD by November 17, 2013. “For me it was never about going through banks,” said Bodner, “but rather finding a way for the ladies of the world to decide they wanted and believed in it.” The first 100 contributors of $100 CAD have the opportunity to receive a pair of RYB Denim jeans by February 2014.

For more information visit RYB Denim’s Indiegogo Page

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