Gates Launches Carbon Drive Red Limited Edition Belt

The makers of the Gates Carbon Drive add vibrant color to their popular belt drive system.

Photo courtesy of Gates Corporation


Since its launch in 2007, Gates Corporation’s Carbon Drive belt system has been steadily growing in popularity as a stylish, quiet, and rust-free alternative to standard bike chains. The no-hassle belt requires no grease and no roadside pullovers to fix a dropped chain.

Since around the same time, Carbon Drive users have been asking Gates Corporation for a colorful belt drive, but the request had gone unheeded until now. “As an engineering company, our first focus was on the meat and potatoes business of ensuring that our belts and sprockets meet the highest levels of performance and durability,” said Todd Sellden, director of Gates Cabron Drive. “Now it is time to bring the sizzle.”

The Carbon Drive Red marks Gates Corporation’s first significant entry into the style-forward segment of the bike industry where matching components and frame accents has been a growing trend. However, unlike painted chains, which wear off or dull in color under rust and grease, the Carbon Drive Red will always stay red. If it gets dirty, it can simply be hosed off and the fiery color will pop again.

Photo courtesy of Gates Corporation

Photo courtesy of Gates Corporation

The Carbon Drive Red is available immediately in the US as an individual component or as part of the Acme and Acme Open by Spot Bikes. It will launch in Europe on March 1, 2015 as part of the Red Race by Schindelhauer Bikes and will be available for individual purchase after April 1, 2015.

Sellden hopes the red belt will drum up more industry interest in the Carbon Drive belt system, as well as attract more people people from outside of the industry into regular bicycling now that grease doesn’t have to be a factor. “Carbon Drive Red is the epitome of bike style,” he said. “And a bold alternative to greasy chains.”

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