Bike Shop – Huckleberry Bicycles in San Francisco

A new bicycle shop in San Francisco has a wide line of apparel and knows how to cater to women customers.

The details

Address: 1073 Market St., San Francisco, CA

Shop hours: weekdays from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m., weekends from 12 p.m. to 5 p.m.


Waiting time for tune-ups: easy repairs are done on the spot if desired; the average wait time for a tune-up is about three days  

Founded in 2011 by Jonas Jackel, Brian Smith and Zack Stender, Huckleberry Bicycles first opened its doors November 1, 2011 in San Francisco, CA.

Bikes they Sell

They have around 100 bikes on hand at any given time, including fixies, city bikes, road bikes, cross bikes and touring bikes from Felt, Masi, Salsa, Civia, Surly, PUBLIC, Pinarello, Eddy Merckx and (coming soon) Brompton. Plus special order bikes and custom-builds are welcome.

Gear they Carry

Apparel from BetaBrand, Nona Varnado, Cadence Collection, Swrve, Sombrio, Riyoko, DZR, Castelli, Swims and Twin Six.

Bags and accessories from Brooks England, Laplander, Velo Orange, Wheelmen & Co., Lezyne, KoKi, Mission Workshop, Chrome, Minnehana and Deuter.

Their Average Customer

Daily bike commuters and people from all walks of life. The owners say that they see a higher proportion of women at Huckleberry Bicycles than they did at other shops they’ve run.

How they Cater to Women

By carrying fashionable, functional lifestyle apparel and accessories for women.

Inspiration for their Retail Space Layout

Create a space that is as warm, friendly and welcoming as possible.

Cargo Bike Options

Civia Halsted.

Community Outreach

Free bike repairs at an abandoned kiosk-style newsstand every weekday morning from 7:30 to 9:30 a.m. at the corner of 7th and Market streets, unless it’s raining. The team is also a strong supporter of the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition – co-owner Zack Stender holds a seat on the coalition’s Board of Directors.

Store Events

Their recent grand opening party, the Bold Italic’s “the Midriff” microhood event and, coming soon, a Tetris tournament.


  • Nalle Valtiala

    Hi, My program this spring is to bike from Crescent City to SF. Foiur years ago I biked SF-Dana Point with a used bike which I sold on the street for a song. This time I am thinking of buying a new 21-gear bike with a package-holder and either ship it home to Finland from SF, or sell it in SF. My questions are, #1. If I ship it, would and could you make a package and transport it to the airport? #2. If I decide to sell it (i.e. a new bike used for a couple of weeks), could you think of giving me a decent prize for it? Best, Nalle

    • Samuel Cawkell

      Hi Nalle, Thanks for commenting! Sounds like an incredible trip. If you don’t hear back from Huckleberry Bicycles on here I might suggest reaching out to them via their website. They have two phone numbers depending on the location you want to contact.

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