Riding a Bike in a Suit Made Easy (How To)

Online menswear company Indochino offers tips on getting the best suit for stylish city cycling.

There is a well-established fact known in places where everyday cycling is the norm; it looks and feels good to ride a bike in a suit. According to Jordan Gordon of Indochino, an online custom menswear company, “Riding a classic bike in a fitted suit is such a fulfilling experience. The look is crisp and unique; the smiles and waves from passers-by make all the prep worthwhile.”

The foundation of a really good ride while wearing a suit is an “excuse-proof” bicycle. With a comfortable, upright riding position, fenders and guards to keep your clothes away from moving parts, and a way to carry additional items, these are bikes that are suitable for daily use.

“While wearing a suit I prefer riding upright bicycles,” said Gordon. “There is less tug on a buttoned suit coat, making the ride more comfortable and easier on the fabric and button thread.”

Any suit that you feel comfortable walking and sitting in all day is a suit that is perfect for riding in. That means a cut and some tailoring made with movement in mind. “A fitted suit will have slightly tapered pant legs, keeping them from getting dirty against the bike,” said Gordon.

Beyond fit, the choice of fabric can also keep you looking and feeling sharp all day. “I wear our Essentials line of suits for daily cycling,” said Gordon.

“The fabric is in the Super 110 to Super 130 range and very durable, but still soft to the touch and with a nice drape over the body. Seasonal suits from our fall and winter lines are also durable for cycling, and look great.”

“Don’t forget a colorful and contrasting pocket square on your ride,” added Gordon. “Pocket squares are a simple, inexpensive, and surprisingly effective accessory.” Enjoy the fact that your style will be turning heads as you turn the pedals.

How to fit a suit for city cycling

1. BE HONEST – When ordering a custom made suit be honest about your measurements to get a suit that is comfortable now.

2. CONFORM NOT SQUEEZE – According to style aficionado George Hahn, “A well-tailored suit should conform to your body, not squeeze it. You want a good custom fit that also enables a certain range of motion.”

3. PROFESSIONAL ADVICE – “Though Indochino’s self-measuring process is as well-considered as it could be without a full 3D body scan,” said Hahn. “It is still tricky for a guy who has never measured himself or has no experience with suiting in general, custom or otherwise.” Be sure to print and bring the special form provided by Indochino for your trip to a tailor.

Get to know Indochino

Indochino was founded on the desire to provide stylish, professional, and custom fit menswear without the unnecessary hassle and time required to tailor off-the-rack suits. The online brand has delivered custom fit clothing to 130 countries globally and has created a quick 10-minute self-measurement process that can be completed at home. Using your precise measurements, a custom fit and tailored garment, one that is also surprisingly affordable, is delivered to your door within 4 weeks.


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