Zimbale Leather Handlebar / Saddle Bag

This is a leather bag designed to fit either under the saddle or the handlebars with two straps and buckle fastenings.

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$159 USD


A three liter bag made from genuine Italian leather

This is a leather bag designed to fit either under the saddle or the handlebars with two straps and buckle fastenings. There are two pockets – one on each side of the bag – with magnetic clasps. Each pocket can fit a mobile phone or a small camera.

The stitching is nylon and evidently done by machine. According to Zimbale North America, they are made in Korea from Italian vegetable tanned genuine leather.


The larger three liter bag is still small enough that it does not knock against your legs when pedaling and still offers enough room for a couple tall cans of beer. The leather is stiff and feels strong. The fittings for the main flap are spring-loaded clips that are easy to open and close.


This is a very attractive bag and, as such, I’d be wary of leaving it on my bike when locked on the street. The buckles that attach it to the saddle or the handlebars are fairly easy to remove, but do take a bit of time. All the fittings are riveted, which, although solid, would be harder to replace in the event of a break.

Ideal Rider

This bag is ideally suited for the rider who wants to add something stylish and useful to his or her bike. With the shoulder strap, it would stand on its own as a stylish handbag or man purse. On the more practical side, the larger volume can mean that the touring cyclist can probably carry all the tools and equipment he or she need for a prolonged ride in the countryside or through his or her favorite city.


This is a great addition to a bike that enables you to fit all those little things you need frequent access to.

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