March 7, 2012

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Bike-friendly hotels are more than just "take a bike inside"

Hi Jason,
For those thinking about planning their first vacation by bike, it can be very helpful to stay at a hotel that caters to a cycling lifestyle. It's much more than taking a bike into a room, it's resources, proximity and support that make a stay in a bike-friendly hotel much more enjoyable, especially for first time bike travelers. Thanks for sharing your tips though! Sounds like you are a very seasoned bike traveler - and probably not the target audience of this article.

Momentum Mag more than 2 years ago

Never had a problem with bringing the bike in anywhere

This is goofy. I have stayed in Hyatts, Hiltons, Doubletrees and the like as well as B&Bs, crummy little motels, and venerable historical hotels. Never had a problem bringing a bike in. Just make sure its clean and don't use the hotel towels to wipe it down...
In fact if you ask for some rags to clean the bike up before wheeling it through the lobby into an elevator they are usualy pretty accomodating.

jason more than 2 years ago