Electra Launches Two New Lines For Fall 2016

The men’s Attitude and women’s Fashion lines offer trendy bikes for different styles.

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Electra has just announced the release of two new lines hitting the pavement this fall: The men’s Attitude Cruiser, and the woman’s Fashion Cruiser. From the earliest days of Electra, the company has taken inspiration from California beach culture, involving elements of hot rods, pop culture, and rockabilly. In order to meet the demands of a growing consumer base, Electra is constantly expanding its product offerings.

In the spirit of the their roots, Electra’s new men’s Attitude Cruiser takes its design elements from motorcycles, cars, and fighter planes. The two models of the Attitude Cruiser line are the Revil 3i and the Relic 3i, which both feature sleek lines and frames that recall hot rods.

Electra Relic 3i cruiser bike

The Relic 3i

The Revil 3i takes its name from a heritage bike, meaning “ride like the devil.” The Revil comes in matte black with a custom dark red pin stripe. The model includes the Shimano Nexus Revo shifter, an extra-long triple clamp fork, and an alloy crank allowing the rider to enjoy a sturdy three-speed experience.

The Relic 3i Cruiser has more of a vintage feel with the pin striping, flame artwork, and distressed frame. It also features a zinc-metallic base color. The model comes with a Shimano Nexus internal three-speed, a coaster brake as well as a mechanical disc brake, an alloy crank, and a sealed cartridge bottom bracket.

Electra’s new Fashion bikes take a different approach than the Attitude models. Instead of drawing from the past, the Fashion Cruisers are about modern trends. Electra’s Creative Director, Robin Vallaire, notes that the three models being launched, the Ladies’ Glam Punk 3i, Wild Flower 3i, and the Amsterdam Jetsetter 3i, are about fashion. While many people think fashion is about the clothes and accessories we put on our bodies, Vallaire states that “there’s so much more you can do to amp up your fashion game.” Electra took inspiration from runway trends and world travels to help riders express their style with the new line of cruisers.


The Ladies’ Glam Punk 3i Fashion Cruiser highlights boldness and attitude. The style elements behind the bike are taken from melding together glamour and punk. The bike has a matte black finish and leather details that are a nod to motorcycle wear, while the gold studs and geometric design add some sass. The bike features the Shimano Nexus internal three-speed with coaster brake and Revo shifter, an allow crank and sealed cartridge bottom bracket, as well as Shimano front Roller Brake and Hub. Added on are custom studded saddle and grips.

The Wild Flower 3i attempts to bring the timelessness of floral pattern to your ride. Electra paired bright poppies with a dark grey frame and a metallic fender. The bike’s features included are the same as the Glam Punk with the addition of genuine leather streamers.

Electra’s Amsterdam Jetsetter 3i is part of the Amsterdam collection – a modern take on the Dutch bike. On trend, the bike comes in metallic indigo blue and displays script writing of the names of different cities all over the world on the chain and skirt guards. The bike includes The Shimano Nexus Internal three-speed with Freewheel and Revo Twist Shifter and Front Roller Brake; full Chainguard and integrated Alloy Crank; alloy coat and skirt guard; Shimano Dynamo Front Hub powered front and rear LED lights. The bike also has an alloy rear rack and matching bell.

Electra’s new line is all about personal style, and this new line delivers on that goal.

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  • Des

    Your showing a picture of the Ghostrider not the Relic, same bike essentially but Relic is matt black with red pinstriping!

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