Get Loopy in Utah with Salt Lake Bicycle Tours

Learn about the old, the new, and the bizarre in Salt Lake City.

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Salt Lake Bicycle Tours
Salt Lake City, UT

Tour: Big City Loop Tour
Length: Cover 6 miles (10 km) in 3 hours
When to Book: At least 48 hours in advance, more for the busy season or large groups
Group Size: Minimum of 4, but groups smaller than 4 should inquire for openings with other groups
Cost: $45 USD per person

Salt Lake Bicycle Tours’ Big City Loop Tour showcases the best of Utah’s biggest city for visitors and residents alike. Learn about the region’s original Native inhabitants, its Mormon founders and its non-Mormon citizens. Visit points of historical political unrest, the city’s serene parks, and the many beautiful and occasional bizarre public artworks.

Salt Lake Bicycle Tours also offers a Sunset & Brothel tour and a Small Lake city tour, a condensed version of the Big City Loop. Check out their website for more details.

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