Fyxation Alterra Cafe Bar Bicycle Handlebars

The Fyxation Alterra Cafe Bar are Fyxation’s most relaxed, upright handlebars yet.

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Fyxation Alterra Cafe Bar Bicycle Handlebars

PRICE $37.95

FIND IT AT  fyxation.com

The Alterra Cafe Bar handlebars are Fyxation’s most casual and swept-back bicycle handlebar. The ergonomic bends and gentle upward sweep fix riders in a casual upright position.


These handlebars promote a nice casual upright position, but not so upright that it’s difficult to get up hills. They leave plenty of space to mount accessories as well.


If you’re looking for a perfectly upright ride, these may not be the handlebars for you as you still do have to lean forward a touch.


These are great handlebars for anyone looking for a relaxed upright riding position that still enables a slightly speedier, sportier ride.

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