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Momentum Mag reviews the Goodordering Market Shopper.

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PRICE $65.32 USD/ $79.03 CAD/ 60.00 EUR


Available in four beautiful colors (Maroon, Forest Green, Chestnut, and Rust) and made from water resistant nylon, the weatherproof Goodordering Market Shopper can hold nearly 16 L of stuff, making it quite a practical bag. Part pannier, part backpack, part grocery bag and part cute, the Market Shopper draws its design inspiration from retro 80’s travel bags and Japanese school bags. Goodordering’s founder and designer Jacqui Ma runs her business out of a flat above a bike shop in Hackney, East London, and retains a close relationship with the company that makes her bags in Luohu in Shenzhen, Guangdong, China.


Because of its versatile design, whether you’re on two wheels or on two feet, the Market Shopper is a great way to get your stuff around. With plenty of pockets for your gadgets, travelling mugs, water bottles and a sleeve for your laptop, this bag can get you through school, a hike, a trip to the market, or to work and back without getting your stuff lost. When your bike is the one doing most of the carrying, the weight of the bag you’ve chosen isn’t too critical a factor in its functionality. When a bag aims to function as a pannier, a backpack, and a grocery bag/purse, it’s a good idea to make it light. While I’ve found many pannier/ backpack/ purse hybrids to be quite heavy, the Market Shopper is refreshingly light. As the grocery bag/ purse straps are long, the bag can be comfortably carried over one shoulder.


The main issue I can see people having with this bag is that the backpack straps can get caught in a bike’s chain or wheel when the bag’s used as a pannier. This issue was tackled in the bag’s design (with the addition of a pouch for tucking your straps into) and has been noted on Goodordering’s website (in the form of a really cute graphic instruction), but is not incredibly obvious. Goodordering’s bag are also as light as they are because there isn’t a lot of protection for your gear if it falls. If a solid, well-protected  bag is what you’re looking for, this may not be the one for you.


As a big fan of all things cute and bright and of anything that can help me better organize myself, I loved both using and being seen with this bag. I used the Market Shopper to carry my groceries, lug my hiking gear around some lengthy trails, and on my daily commute to work, and I loved the bag’s fusion of functionality and style. Goodordering Products are available for purchase in the US, Canada, and the UK both through retailers and online.

Shannon Murray is Momentum Mag’s Product Coordinator in Vancouver, BC.  In her spare time, she loves singing, playing guitar, and taking photos.

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