Faraday Porteur E-bike Review

Momentum Mag reviews the Faraday Porteur e-bike.

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Photo by David Niddrie

Photo by David Niddrie

PRICE: $3500 USD

FIND IT AT: faradaybikes.com 

The Faraday Porteur is an electric-assist bicycle that comes with a Shimano 8-speed Alfine internal-gear hub, Gates Carbon Drive, disc brakes, kickstand, Brooks England saddle, front and rear integrated lights, a front rack, bamboo fenders, and 26” tires. The motor is 250 W and the battery, hidden in the double top tubes, delivers 20 miles (32 kilometers) of pedal assist. Sizes: 51,55, and 59 cm. Weight: Approximately 39 pounds (18 kilograms). Colors: Cream with Brown and Orange or British Racing Green.


The Faraday Porteur combines new technology with aesthetic appeal for a smooth, elegant city bike. The choice of Gates Carbon Drive paired with the Shimano 8-speed internal-gear hub makes for a clean and quiet ride. The motor is located in the front wheel creating a well-balanced feel to the bike. The integrated front rack and lights are a plus. The front light is bright and the front rack is attached to the down tube so that cargo weight doesn’t interfere with steering. The Faraday Porteur places the rider in a natural, upright riding position.


During initial testing I found that most cargo carried in the porteur rack would cover the front light’s beam when it was mounted to the stem. I later found out that this problem can be solved by mounting the light beneath the front rack, an option with current Faraday models. A rear rack would interfere with visibility of the rear light.


This e-bike is for someone living in a hilly area with an appreciation for beautiful design. I would recommend repositioning the front light to under the front rack to keep your cargo from blocking the beam. In its current configuration this is a fantastic leisure bike or luxury commuter. Sign me up to buy one as soon as there is a step-through version with integrated rear cargo carrying capacity that doesn’t interfere with the rear light.


  • Wish there was a Faraday in central Illinois for a test ride. It’s a beautiful machine. Note: I believe in current production the motor has been upgraded to 350 W and the battery has been moved to the down tube.

  • Paul

    I saw one of these in person while waiting to have a spoke replaced, such a beautiful bike! The Faraday they had on display was the smaller sized medium frame so I didn’t have a chance to test ride it, properly fitted, since I’m 6′ tall. But the shop has layaway for the Faraday and I can see it in my future!

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