Green Guru Carbon Cooler 22L Pannier Bag Review

Momentum Mag Reviews the Green Guru Carbon Cooler

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Photo courtesy of Green Guru

Photo courtesy of Green Guru

PRICE $99.95


The Green Guru Carbon Cooler is an upcycled, insulated pannier that can fit 22L of whatever you want to pack for a picnic.  It is a weather resistant pannier with a waterproof tarp that is easily secured to a bike rack with clips…there’s nothing fussy about it, it’s wonderfully simple.


Everyone should have this bag.  I love being able to have a picnic on the go!  Just pack bowls, cutlery and a tablecloth.  It has a built in cutting board, so just pack your food and you don’t even have to worry about prep.  It can comfortably fit a six pack of beer on top of all of that.


Toward the end of the season, the seams began to wear out a little bit, but the issue has since been addressed by Green Guru in newer versions of the bag.  They have replaced the bag’s liner with a heavy duty vinyl liner making it much more durable.


I love a good quality cooler, and to have one that attaches to my bike makes life so much easier.  The best picnic locations aren’t always around the corner, so having your bike carry the food and drinks to the best parks and beaches that can be hard to reach by foot is awesome.  I grabbed it every time I went on a beach or park outing.  It’s the perfect size to fit food and beverages for two and has two outer side pockets for plastic bags, keys, bottles..anything you want to keep handy, really.  The mesh divider on the inside is also really helpful.

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