Linus Dutchi 3 City Bike Review

Momentum Mag reviews the Linus Dutchi 3 city bike.

PRICE: $675


AVAILABLE IN: US and Canada stores and online.

The Dutchi 3 is an upright, step-through city bike that is available in several fun colors. Linus has built this bike with 3 speeds, rear rack, matching fenders, alloy bell, leather grips, and caliper bakes. Available in sizes Small (43cm/ 16″ with 26″ wheels) or Medium (45cm/ 17 3/4″ with 700c wheels).


This bike’s style fit me to a T! The step-through frame was perfect for my skirt-loving sensibilities and the upright position made for very elegant, leisurely rides. I especially loved the bright blue frame that won me compliments from cyclists and pedestrians alike, and the brown leather handlebar grips were a stylish touch. Overall, a beautiful and simply designed bike that made me excited to re-learn how to ride.


My only complaint about the Linus was the saddle. I understand that a bike seat is truly a matter of personal preference, but unfortunately this one didn’t do it for me. While my butt didn’t mind the seat, there were, ahem, other parts that started feeling uncomfortable after fairly short rides of about 30 minutes, and made me less inclined to ride the following day.


The Linus Dutchi 3 is made for cyclists like me! Style-conscious city bikers who enjoy occasional leisure rides or have short-haul commutes. As a 3-speed with a rather heavy frame, I can’t imagine this bike being great for hilly commutes nor for carrying up several flights of stairs, and the seat doesn’t bode well for lengthy commutes, at least for me. But as a novice cyclist, I was thankful for the simplicity of only 3 speeds and recommend this as a suitable entry-level bike.


I started out as a hesitant rider, but over the past few weeks, found a liberating thrill in cycling! I’ve since ridden to work (a big step for me!) via the seawall and separated bike lanes and have taken to summer evening rides along the seawall. I’ve definitely fallen in love with this bike. Next step, learning to ride in traffic!

Nikki Wong is a bike convert-in-training working at the very bike-friendly Spring Activator. Grateful to both live and work just off of Vancouver’s Sea Wall, Nikki is still looking to explore more of the city by bike! @Nik_Wong

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