Linus Headlamp Review

Momentum Mag reviews the Linus Headlamp.

PRICE: $38


The Headlamp from Linus is a vintage-inspired tear drop shape front light with an ultra bright single LED light. With a 60 hour run time, sturdy steel mounting brackets, two modes: steady and flashing. Batteries included.


This cute vintage-style headlamp is the perfect complement to any urban bicycle. The teardrop shape and steel-like finish are very classy and it looks like it could come included with any city bike or cruiser. There are also three different mounting options – handle bar, fender mount or front fork – giving lots of options depending on your needs.


Even though the steel finish looks great, it would be preferable if the light was made with metal components instead of plastic. The paint finish chips easily, and the on/ off button tends to collapse inside after frequent use, needing to be fixed to protect the inner mechanics. Also, the steel bar used for fender mounting bends easily and snaps if hit and adjusted too many times. It was great to have the batteries included, but I would love to see them use rechargeable ones in the future!


Overall this is a great headlamp, despite the few flaws mentioned above. It matches steel finish handlebars perfectly and complements any urban, cruiser, or vintage bicycle better than many other headlamps on the market. It is relatively easy to install using the downloadable instructions – the ones in the box are a bit too basic – and it is bright enough to light up even the darkest path. I would definitely recommend this to anyone looking for a sleek and functional light for their bicycle.

Melissa Bruntlett is a city-bicycle owner and enthusiast, living in Vancouver BC. She is co-owner of Modacity, a multi-service consultancy, focused on inspiring healthier, happier, simpler forms of urban mobility through words, photography and film. When not writing, blogging or consulting, she spends her time riding around her beautiful city with her husband and two young children. @mbruntlett

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  • David Streever

    This light is horrible. Everyone I know who has one, including myself, has experienced how it sags forward over & over. Three different bike shops have tried to fix it, and all failed. I think it’s a lost cause; just a poorly made light that doesn’t really work.

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