Introducing the Martone Cycling Company

Combining his New York fashion background with his passion for cycling, Lorenzo Martone has introduced his own stylish bicycle line, Martone Cycling Company.

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Combining his New York fashion background with his passion for cycling, Lorenzo Martone has introduced his own stylish bicycle line, Martone Cycling Company (MCC).

The Brazilian-born New Yorker designed his bikes as an everyday functional accessory. “Our bikes are sophisticated AND practical, built for city living,” said Martone. Available in five monochromatic colours (red, white, black, gold, and silver) each bike is accented with a signature red chain – a not-so-subtle shout out from Martone to the fashion world.

The beauty of these bikes is more than skin deep as MCC has incorporated an innovative SRAM Duomatic S2 Hub gear system. The Duomatic hub automatically switches between two gears depending on the riders speed. This feature allows the rider to glide effortlessly through busy city streets and with little worries about shifters, cables, or much maintenance. Furthering the theme of simplicity, the bikes also include coaster brakes. “Coasters are trending again,” Martone stated. “They’re nostalgic – a lot of people learned to ride on bikes like that.” 

To top it all off, each MCC bike has a sleek bike basket integrated into the handlebars. These large front baskets are made to fit life’s essential accessories including laptops, tablets, purses, and even small dogs according to Martone, who admits that he carries his little Mia in the front basket from time to time. 

The Martone Cycling Company offers diamond frame and step-through models. The diamond frame bike comes in sizes 52 cm and 56 cm, and the step-through is one-size-fits-all at 50cm. Priced at $899 the bikes can be ordered online at and will soon be available at Hudson Urban Bicycles in New York. The New York designed bicycle line has already caught the attention of some of Europe’s most fashionable and cycling friendly cities as stores in Paris and London will soon be carrying the MCC bikes as well.

When it comes to the inspiration behind his uniquely crafted bicycles Martone claimed, “My decision came from a simple drive in life: ‘Work on something you love and it won’t feel like work.’” As a lover of fashion and cycling Martone focused on creating a bike that would be a combined expression of style and practicality.


  • tony roberts

    Living in New York I have seen the Martone Bicycle. Other than being associated with Lorenzo Martone the former fiancee’ of Marc Jacobs I see nothing special in this bicycle. The components are such that belong in a sub $200 bike in mass merchants. The frame
    especially the woman’s version does not seem structurally sound. The front basket does seem to be solid however not a new innovation and the “red chain” on all the bikes is a terrible gimmick . Overall this bike should retail in a bicycle shop at less than $300 and only after having made some structural changes to the frame and improved components (i.e.: brakes)

    Tony Roberts ,

    Princeton University 1979
    Cooper Union 1975

  • Chris Foss

    Interesting article. Having been a bike enthusiast for many years, it is amazing to see where technology has taken the sport and the equipment. This company seems to be on the cutting edge.

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