Mikael Colville-Andersen Shares His BikeStyle

Momentum interviewed Mikael Colville-Andersen about his BikeStyle.

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Mikael Colville-Andersen

City: Copenhagen

Occupation: CEO of Copenhagenize Consulting, editor of copenhagenize.com and copenhagencyclechic.com

What is your bikeStyle?

My BikeStyle is the same as my BusStyle, TrainStyle, WalkStyle. It can morph between a TDS (thousand dollar suit) or jeans and a shirt with rolled-up sleeves, and pretty much anything in between. I don’t dress for my journey; I dress for my destination. Sunglasses are a must, whatever the case.

What are your favorite clothes to bike in?

Whatever I am wearing when I walk out the door. I do, however, enjoy wearing flip-flops on my bike in the summer.

Where are we most likely to spot your bike?

Under my ass. Or, if stationary, parked outside any number of cool cafés or nightclubs in Copenhagen.

What do you like most about riding?

The bicycle is the quickest way from A to B for me. And, along the way, I am elbow to elbow with my fellow citizens on the separated cycle tracks instead of alienated from society in cars.

What is your dream bike for everyday cycling?

Any old bike with any old rusty chain will do. As long as I can sit up straight like my mother taught me. Although my Bullitt cargo bike serves a lot of practical everyday needs.

What did you eat for breakfast?

Me and the kids had oats with raisins and milk.

What song is most played on your iPod?

At the moment, anything by Coeur de pirate is getting major playtime on my mp3 player.

Basket or panniers?

Basket or front rack. This is Copenhagen after all.

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