Riding Through Winter: A Conference and a Coping Mechanism

The Winter Cycling Congress heads to Montreal, QC in February, 2017. If you can make it to La Belle Province for the affair, may we recommend a hot toddy?

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Winter Cycling Congress 2017

What good is a painted bike lane when it’s covered in snow?

While everyday bicyclists the world over run into their share of challenges, cycling for transportation in winter climates brings with it its own host of complications. The annual Winter Cycling Congress gathers winter riders to share best practices and design, and network with people from all over the world who share their passion for year-round bicycling no matter the weather. Each year, the Winter Cycling Federation brings together hundreds of delegates from cold climates for the event, to address chilly bike topics, while also celebrating everything that makes winter cycling so wonderful.

The fifth annual, fun-filled, frosty event will be in Montreal, QC from February 8-10, 2017. “Cycling is now an integral part of the Montreal cityscape,” said Jean-François Pronovost, VP of Development and Public Affairs for Vélo Québec, the local bike advocacy organization. The city has a 466 mile (750 kilometers) bicycling network, with another 310 miles (500 kilometers) planned, and recently expanded snow-clearing for the network from a modest 37 miles (60 kilometers) to include most of the on-street bikeways – when it became clear that resident demand outstripped supply.

“Winter cycling has been growing at pace with the increasing popularity of cycling,” Pronovost explained. “More and more summertime bicycle commuters are realizing that, with a few minor adjustments to their clothing, their equipment, or their technique, they can keep on riding through most, if not all, of the winter.” So fill your thermos and saddle up; we’ll see you there!


Nighttime Hot Toddy

hot toddy recipe.

Put the bourbon, honey, and ginger in your favorite mug. Squeeze in the lemon and drop the slice in. Pour the hot tea over the mixture and use the cinnamon stick to stir it until the honey is dissolved. Sweet dreams!

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