The Showers Pass Metro Jacket Review

A breathable compact, versatile, year-round commuter rain jacket.

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showers pass rain jacket

Sam rocks the metro jacket. Photo by Hilary Angus

FIND IT AT $245.00 USD

Designed for urban adventures, the Metro waterproof cycling jacket has cycling specific features that don’t interfere with life off the bike. The high performance ArtexTM 2.5­ layer material with double print is light­weight, waterproof, and breathable. The navy blue fabric has a subtle chevron pattern on the arms and sides, and black fabric on the body make it a stylish cycling jacket perfect for any type of city rider. Long core vents and an “exhaust pipe” upper back vent allow the air to flow through the front of the rain jacket around your sides and up the back.


I have worn this rain jacket for almost a full year and it truly works great for year round commuting. It’s the first hardshell rain jacket that doesn’t make me feel like I just came out of a sweatbox during the warmer spring and summer months. The Metro Jacket stands up to heavy winter showers and keeps you cool and dry during warm summer downpours. The large core vents, back vent, and adjustable cuffs provide plenty of airflow and keep you well ventilated during the commute to work. The style of jacket is great on and off the bike and reinforced shoulders help prevent wear and tear especially if you commute with a backpack. The Metro jacket looks great with a pair of jeans and subtlety of the reflective trim means you don’t look like a cyclist while walking around the city.

While the jacket is aimed at urban commuters, it’s clearly designed by a company that knows what they’re doing when it comes to high performance apparel. The zipper angles away from the neck and has a fleece lining, which reduces chafing and makes this a great jacket for long distance rides. Combined with the breathability, this was a great jacket for more athletic rides in everything from a light drizzle to a heavy rain.

While storage capacity is limited there are two pockets on the back that are easy to access while riding and provide enough space for keys and other small items. A third internal pocket over your chest fits your phone.


Wearing a backpack really limits the usefulness of the back vent and inevitably your back does get sweaty. Having an underarm vent would be useful when your bicycle ride involves a carrying a bag on your back. Front pockets would come in handy and make this jacket a bit more functional when walking around town, but I prefer that it keeps me cool more than I need pockets to keep my hands warm off the bike.


I give the Showers Pass Metro Jacket very high marks for its waterproofness, ventilation, and style. The hardshell rain jacket works well on and off the bike and has the ability to perform even when going on long, high intensity rides. Through downpours this jacket held up and kept my other layers dry. When the sun does come out you don’t need to worry about overheating and the jacket is thin enough that you can compact it to take up a minimal amount of space in your bag, which made it the perfect choice for spring and summer days with a chance of showers.

Sam Cawkell is the Marketing and Engagement Specialist and Momentum Mag. He commutes year round by bike in rainy Vancouver, BC. IG: @vancouver.goods

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