State Bicycle Co. Shoreline Deluxe City Bike Review

An extra-babely city bike city bike designed for easy commuting.

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shoreline review

Photo by State Bicycle Co.

PRICE $499.00 USD

The Shoreline Deluxe is a steel framed singlespeed city bike designed for commuting in style, and having fun. It comes stock with a rear rack and front basket, mustache handlebars, a bell, fenders, a chainguard, and a bottle opener built onto the frame.


If you like to bike around avoiding eye contact and not talking to strangers, then this is not the bike for you. The Shoreline Deluxe is the best conversation starter I’ve ever seen, almost everybody I passed needed to know where I got such a beautiful bicycle. But beyond its good looks, the Shoreline has a lot going for it. It comes stock with more accessories than you’d expect from a bike at that price point, and you can add a kickstand for $15 which I’d highly recommend. The rear rack and front basket were a great combo, I could throw most of my stuff in a pannier and cruise around while easily being able to toss extra items into the basket. I ended up fastening a few bungee cords on the basket to easily secure whatever I needed.

The riding position is incredibly comfortable, as it the saddle the Shoreline comes stock with. At first I was worried the singlespeed combined with such an upright position would make hills difficult, but even on some of Vancouver’s steeper hills, the bike is light enough and geared thoughtfully enough that I barely ever had to stand up.

Then there’s the fun part. This bike is clearly designed for the leisure side of cycling, a side of cycling which I love very much. The integrated bottle opener on the frame came in handy on more than a few occasions, as did the cupholder in the front rack. Although the cupholder is a bit wide and the wood panelling of the rack a bit slippery, so I glued down a small patch of rubber so my bottles of, um, soda, could sit more steadily while riding.

The bike is very light, rides nicely, stops easily, and with no gears or brakes is basically hassle free.

state bicycle co

Photo by State Bicycle Co.


While the coaster brakes are great once you get used to them, I can imagine a few people being put off by the new riding style. I had a few friends hop on the bike to see what the general comfort level was with them, and the only complaint is that it can be difficult to start again at an intersection if you stop with your feet in the wrong position. It might be nice to see a Shoreline option with a hand brake, although that would diminish the welcome simplicity of the bike and likely raise the price point as well. The front rack started to rattle after a few weeks of riding on potholed city streets, requiring semi-regular tightening to keep it quiet.


The Shoreline is a perfect choice for anyone looking for a beautiful and maintenance-free city bike at a very reasonable price point. By focusing on simplicity rather than trying to do too much, State was able to keep the bike affordable while still being functional. It’s lightweight, fun to ride, and is the kind of bike you don’t have to think about too much.

State held nothing back in the design and the result is one of the most eye-catching bicycle I’ve ever had the pleasure of riding. Banana creme and seafoam cream is not my usual color palette, but within a few days of riding around town receiving compliment after compliment, I couldn’t help but fall in love with the bike’s vintage good looks. The Shoreline is a ride that will inspire you to slow down and enjoy the finer things in life, like a summer’s day and a cold can of…soda.

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