Style Editor’s Picks for Winter Riding – Women

Layering is key for winter cycling. Layer up with these winter riding picks for women.

I’ve rounded up a collection of must-haves for braving your winter ride.

Layering is key for winter cycling, as is always carrying extra gear such as rain wear, gloves, and a hat in case you get caught in an unexpected rain shower or snowfall.


  • Cherries Jubilee

    Here in rainy Seattle, this outfit could cause hypothermia and honestly, cotton jeans in winter is kind of asking for it. One can ride with style by layering and I love the new fleece lined tights and leggings. Smart wool is a good choice and a waterproof shell is important. In our limited hours of light, we should have reflective everything and 4″ heels should be left at home.

  • Liz

    I have come to rely on Momentum to inspire me and my rides. But I am perplexed if not offended by this list. Most especially compared to the men’s list which offers bicycle friendly clothing that is actually intended to be ridden or worked in. Also, I fear the world may come to a screeching halt if I put on all five of these women’s items at the same time. Not quite an inspiring outfit.

  • Jean

    Since Momentum does feature forward-guessing urban bike fashion, it is suggested they actually ask/feature women cyclists who cycle in areas of North America that truly do get snow regularily every winter that requires city snowplows and snowbrushes (Yea, Calgary has snowbrush machines, they look like huge rolling brush…because prairie air is drier and sucks us slushy snow faster.) For winter, I tend to wear a fleecy jacket underneath a heavyweight water resistant hiking/walking shell jacket, headband, lobster mitts and just cheap walking/jogging tights. I’m sorry this sounds so unfashion, but the snowy slirt (snow dirt) slurry is not lovely. I plead that Momentum must truly think fashion for women when Calgary women tromp happily in chunky Sorel lace-up pile lined boots when the winter temperature drops to -35 degrees C, -40 degrees C with wind chill. Plain Canada Goose parkas are the viable fashion here, even though you see them in worn in Toronto (where I was last month.). Personally I don’t wrap a huge scarf around my neck. A high neck, zippable jacket collar is preferable for me.

  • Jean

    Appropriate for Vancouver but not for Calgary /Canadian prairie location unless the chinook winds have melted off the snow which does happen. I don’t wear cycling bootie covers, just my medium weight socks and mountain bike shoes (I don’t like boots) and after cycling for half an hr. in the city, my toes are cold at temperatures lower than -24 degrees C.


  • Nickey Robo

    Is this a joke? In what universe are spike heeled fur boots appropriate for winter riding!? Not only are they super expensive, the texture would get destroyed in by snow or rain almost immediately.

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