Bern Allston Bike Helmet Review

We review the Bern Allston, Bern’s first cycling-specific helmet.

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Bern Allston Helmet

PRICE $109.99 USD


The Bern Allston is Bern’s first cycling-specific helmet, and the company’s most ventilated and lightweight helmet to date. The 13 oz. helmet features 16 vents, a flip visor, and a patented removable comfort liner system to easily transition between warm and cold weather. It is available in Sm/M, L/XL, and XXL/XXXL, in a variety of colors ranging from Matte Navy and Grey to Satin White to Neon Green.

TELL YOUR FRIENDS As a reluctant wearer of helmets, I was extremely impressed with the Allston. Although it is advertised as a men’s helmet, it fit me perfectly and maintained a low profile, while the adjustable liner allowed me to fit it snug to my head without it feeling too tight. Its urban aesthetic is stylish enough for toodling around town in street clothes, while the ventilation system and minimal weight enables it to hold its own on longer, sportier rides as well. My first day using it, I rode 50km up some serious hills in 80 degree (26 celsius) weather and barely even noticed I had it on. The flip visor effectively blocks out blinding sunshine without obscuring vision at all.

WISH LIST Honestly, I have no complaints about this helmet. It’s light, comfortable, and aesthetically pleasing. If I had to come up with a fault it would be that the adjustment strap on the liner only allows for minor size adjustments compared to a wheel. But ultimately, I think the strap makes the helmet more comfortable and prevents a wheel digging into your neck if you’re crouched over the handlebars. As long as you get the right size, you should be able to fit it snugly.

SUMMARY The Allston is a great helmet. It’s like your friend’s cat who you can’t help but love despite “usually hating cats.” I do not like to wear helmets, but I don’t mind wearing this one. It’s perfect for style-conscious city commuters and occasional road warriors who are looking for a product that delivers on both form and functionality.

Hilary Angus is the online editor at Momentum Mag and an occasional freelancer. She loves riding her bike all around Vancouver, BC, and pushing the limits of the carrying capacity on her trusty two-wheeled steed. @HilaryAngus


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