BESPOKE Cycling Fashion by Sarah Hatton

Ottawa-based artist, Sarah Hatton’s mini fashion editorial, BESPOKE, is a satirical commentary on cycling fashion and glamor.

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Does the thought of wearing stilettos while riding make you giddy? Then I introduce Ottawa-based artist, Sarah Hatton. Her mini fashion editorial, BESPOKE, is a satirical commentary on cycling fashion that also glamorizes biking through the use of everyday bicycle parts. I recently had the opportunity to ask her a few questions about her project and more.

What inspired the BESPOKE project?

BESPOKE came about in collaboration with Pierre Laporte Photography as a tongue-in-cheek fashion mini-editorial on the theme of cycling fashion. It uses haute couture devices to glamorize cycling through the use of recycled bicycle parts and objects. I created a formal all-black ensemble, with the goal of using recycled material as much as possible without detracting from the style of the outfit. I chose cycling as my theme, partly because of my own passion for the sport, but mostly because of the giddy thought of mixing pedals with stilettos.

What’s your take on bike fashion?

If the increased ability to look stylish while biking has enabled more people to feel like they can integrate cycling into their lives, I can only see that as a positive.

What are you wearing on your rides right now?

I love my Race Face gear, which is tough and comfortable but has a sleek and edgy style. For safety, I have a matte black Pryme helmet and an innovative reflective necklace from the Icelandic company Tira. I still wear the same pair of (disintegrating) leather-palmed gloves that I have had since I was seventeen. They must bring me good luck.

Favorite piece of clothing in your closet?

This is tough, because I have two favorites, but for very different reasons. I actually own a beekeeping jacket. I splurged on the top-of-the-line brand, and I have never been stung while wearing it, so it is like my suit of armor. On the opposite end of the spectrum, I have a silver chainmail-type bikini top that is hardly practical, and yet outrageously awesome.

Favourite pair of shoes?

A pair of 4″ silver strappy heels that make me feel like a secret agent every time I put them on.

What’s your next project?

I am a visual artist and I will be exhibiting my next series, “Bee Works” in Montreal in March 2015. You can find out about this work here at yes, that beekeeping jacket came in handy.


Photo 1: Bracelet (Titanium medical roller chain), U-lock purse, fascinator, shoes, dress are original creations by Sarah Hatton.

Photo 2: Shoes are Le Château black stiletto with Shimano bicycle cleats and Crank Brothers pedals from MEC Ottawa. The bicycle is a TCR Comp 3 carbon fiber bicycle from GIANT.

Photo 3: Fascinator design inspired by the botanical Black Bat flower (Tacca chantrieri), created by Sarah Hatton from a recycled rubber bicycle tire inner tube.

Photo 4: Dress using recycled bicycle chain and reclaimed industrial external tooth lock washer.

Photographer: Pierre Laporte

Creative Director: Sarah Hatton

MUA: Sarah Hatton

Model: Sarah Hatton

Find Sarah Hatton on Facebook and Twitter.

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