TwoWheelCool Pilot Helmet Light Review

Momentum Mag reviews the TwoWheelCool Pilot bicycle helmet light.

PRICE $39.93 USD


The TwoWheelCool Pilot Helmet Light is a dual light mounted on a convenient location, a bicycle helmet. The Pilot has four modes and puts out 40 lumens. The bicycle light features USB rechargeable batteries and water resistance. The placement on the helmet reduces the likelihood of light theft as it is never left on the bike.


This little light was such a pleasant surprise! I only charged this once over the past couple months, and it’s still going strong. It’s so convenient, I always have it with me because I always wear my helmet. I don’t notice the weight on my helmet. I love that it remembers the blink setting I prefer, and it is easy to turn on. Having it with me wherever I went was awesome as well, I could turn it on whenever I felt like I needed some extra visibility. What surprised me the most about this little bike light was how powerful it was! I found with the light being located at a higher point, it picked up other cyclists’ reflective gear easily. While it is obvious that the light is aimed to increase your own visibility, it does a great job of lighting the way as well.


To be honest, my first impression of this light was that it was flimsy and cheap. I struggled charging this light as I had to find a “sweet spot” with my USB charger. One subtle move and the charging connection was lost. A more secure or consistent USB connection would be appreciated.


This little light has the power to hold a charge, light the way, and make you more visible. Despite some initial adjusting to the light, I ended up loving it and recommending it enthusiastically to my friends.

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  • Elizabeth

    Where can I buy this from the US? I tried the Canadian retailer, but they don’t seem to carry it.

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