Bike Shop: Gladys Bikes

Gladys Bikes is a women-first bike shop in Portland, Oregon.

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Gladys Bike Shop in Portland, OR

Photos by Ashley Anderson

Gladys Bike Shop, Portland, OR

Leah Benson, owner of Gladys Bikes

Getting people on bikes that fit their body, their personality, and their lifestyle is important to the team at Gladys Bikes, a women-first bike shop in Portland, OR. Customers can create semi-custom bicycles built from the frame up. The result is a bicycle that is almost as unique as the people who ride them. In pursuit of the best, most comfortable fit, Gladys Bikes also features a saddle library that allows members to join for $25 and then check out saddles and give them a try for up to one week. After finding their dream saddle, the $25 fee goes towards the saddle purchase. The customer experience is a priority for the Gladys Bikes team and has resulted in the creation of the Gladys Advisory Board. The board represents riders of all types and meets monthly to ensure the shop is actively responding to their customers’ needs.

The Details

Address: 2905 NE Alberta Street, Portland, OR
Bike and Accessories:
Papillionaire Bicycles, Sweetpea Bicycles, Vaya Bags, Po Campo Bags, Levi’s Commuter Jeans, Cleverhood Rain Capes, Nantucket Bike Baskets, Basil Bike Baskets, Portland Design Works.


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