Bikie Girl Bloomers: The Jeweltones Collection Review

These eye catching bloomers are perfect for your summer ensemble as you bike around town.

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Women’s bike shorts made of lightweight fabric.  Custom dyed-to-match stretch lace at the hem and waistband finish the look with a feminine touch.  80% nylon/20% spandex.  Lined crotch and lays smooth under a skirt or dress thanks to flat seams and no chamois or other padding.  Makes these shorts suitable for a wide range of activities, including yoga, walking, skipping around on a scooter or moped, as well as wearing them under a skirt while at work or out dancing. The Jeweltones Collection is available in three colours; amethyst, sapphire, and ruby.  Sapphire and amethyst come in a Ric Rac Rib texture while the ruby comes in a smooth texture. Available in sizes XS (0-2) – XL (16-18). 

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It’s summer time!  Bike Girl Bloomers saved me from chaffing when wearing my jean skirt and cycling 6 miles (10km) to the beach.  Plus, no more flashing oncoming cyclists on those short skirt days!

I would love to see a version with a thicker waistband, but I was happily surprised that the thin waistband didn’t roll over. Also please make in the colour nude.

I have to confess, I was a non-believer of cycling shorts for the urban rider, but sometimes the urban rider goes to the beach and the beach is more than 3 miles away.  Putting on the Bike Girl Bloomers solved the constant chaffing I was experiencing while riding upright across town in my favourite jean skirt.  I tested two pairs in the classic length and I found the classic length a little long for my personal taste, those with longer legs will like the classic length.  For those who love wearing mid length skirts like myself, I would probably choose the mid-thigh length. The jewel tone colors are beautiful and look great against most skin tones and pair great with a black skirt. Bikie Girl Bloomers has plenty of colour options outside of The Jeweltones Collection. There are are some really fun patterns to choose from as well as black which goes great with everything.

I tested both fabrics the Ric Rac Rib and the Smooth Texture fabric and found I was a bigger fan of the smooth texture fabric.  While really soft, the Ric Rac Rib seemed like it would have a smaller lifespan than the Smooth as the smooth didn’t catch on things like my un-manicured mom nails.   

Overall, I am a convert, these shorts are great to wear under your skirt or dress to keep your legs free from chaffing on longer rides and it’s got a fun peek-a-boo element to add to your summer ensemble.

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  • Darla

    No plus sizes. What a surprise.

    • Samuel Cawkell

      Hi Darla, No plus sizes for the Jeweltones Collection yet – this is a new line. There are other collections with plus sizes available though.

  • Jaded

    I have a pair of these, but didn’t like the fit on me. Another similar option is Ivalieu. I liked these more and they have a wide waistband!

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