Opus Classico Lightweight Women Review

Picking up speed on this lightweight machine feels effortless, perfect for the urban environment

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Find it at: www.opus.com
Price: $759.00 USD | $939.99 CAD

The Opus Classico Lightweight Women is equipped with a Shimano 9 -speed Alivio drive train with low step-through geometry, an urban saddle, FSA Metropolis swept back handlebars, fenders and weighs a mere 20 lbs. Comes in space black and S, M and L. The Men’s version has a beautifully curved top bar and comes in Silver Blue

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This bike is light and nimble. Picking up speed feels effortless which is great for riding in the urban environment where you frequently have to slow down or come to a complete stop. Starting from zero on an incline is a breeze.

Wish List:
A rack and kickstand would take this bike to the next level. It’s deserving of a cooler name than the Classico Lightweight. How about the Classico deLite or the Classico Awesome!

Ideal User:
The Opus Classico Lightweight is perfect for the new rider looking for a bike that will suite their city lifestyle. If you have to lift your bike because of stairs or load it onto a bike rack on a regular basis the weight of this bike is a huge benefit. If you have an old beater and are ready to trade up to a bike that is comfortable, responsive and light, consider the Opus Classico Lightweight.

The Opus Classico Lightweight made me fly! I fell in love with how much quicker I was able to get up a hill. The weight also helps you ride farther because it requires less energy to get moving. In fact the lighter and faster bike will make you want to ride further. I found the riding position comfortable and having my arms well spaced apart provided great balance. The only compromise you will be making with this bike is the need to clean it a little more often than a bike with an internal hub and chain guard. The trade off is weight and therefore speed. Make sure you pick up a bike rack and kickstand before you leave the bike store. Looking to recommend a new bike to a friend – light, upright and stylish, the Opus Classico Lightweight will not disappoint.

Tania Lo, Momentum Mag’s Chief Bike Lifestylist. Working mom with two kids, fair-weather city cyclist who once upon a time road 16,000 km from Bolivia to the Canadian Arctic.

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  • Linda

    If I just want a frame how would I go about ordering one? either the kona coco women’s, or the willow. How much does each of these frames weigh? My bike shop will help me switchout components from a bianchi that is too big

  • Excellent collection …..

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