Global CycleHack is this Weekend

The innovative event brings people together to create positive solutions for increased cycling.

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CycleHack, a global movement to reduce barriers to cycling, is happening in a whole whack of cities around the world this weekend, June 24-26, 2016.

This innovative event brings together techies, advocates, designers, entrepreneurs, and anybody who has an interest in seeing more people ride bikes to tackle both the largest and smallest barriers to cycling. The purpose of the event is to create tangible prototypes that can respond to a variety of issues – everything from designing a set of mudguards that can be printed in the office, to using real-time data to create cycling apps, to the compiling of research that can influence public policy around cycling.

CycleHack began in 2014 as a conversation over coffee between friends. Jo Holtan and Sarah Drummond were discussing the idea of bringing people together to collectively address issues in cycling, beyond the usual conversations around infrastructure. Designer Matthew Lowell joined the team, and they ran the first CycleHack in Glasgow, Scotland intending it to be a one-off event. The inspiration quickly spread, and before they knew it they were CycleHacking in Melbourne and Beirut, and by 2015 there were 25 CycleHacks popping up across the globe.

Now just two years later, CycleHack has spread to 50 cities around the world, from Santiago to Sydney and Bucharest to Berlin.

In North America, CycleHack will be rolling through Vancouver, BC; Portland, Oregon; Birmingham, Alabama; and Mexico City, Mexico.

Anyone who is interested in promoting cycling is encouraged to come by and contribute whatever they can offer, whether its tech skills, ideas, or simply time and energy.

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