Dahon Briza Folding Bike Review

We review the Dahon Briza, a 24″ folding bike that rides like a city bike.

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Dahon Briza Review


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The Dahon Briza D8 is a 24″ folding bike that unfolds into a full-sized city bike. Equipped with a back rack, fenders, reflectors and a step-through frame that accommodates riders of various sizes, the Briza is ready for city riding, straight out of the box.

If you’re looking for an upright city bike but don’t have the space for one, the Dahon Briza is for you. When folded, it takes up about the same amount of space as a large milk crate but when unfolded, to the untrained eye, you’d never suspect it was a folding bike.

The rear rack is a bit small for my everyday commuting needs and could be extended as the frame of the bike would accommodate this no problem. I haven’t figured out the most efficient way to carry a folded Dahon yet and would therefore be hesitant to hit public transit during rush hour. I’d love to either see a handle or strap for this purpose or a video instructing me on the right way to carry a Dahon.

The Dahon Briza is a great choice for any guy or gal, living in the city and perhaps short on storage space but not willing to compromise on riding a full-sized bike.

I had an opportunity to venture out of town and attend the Pemberton Slow Food Cycle. The only problem was, I didn’t have a bike rack for my car and I needed to pack 3 days worth of camping gear into the trunk of my Volkswagon Mini. At first, I was skeptical I’d be able to fit all of my camping equipment plus the Dahon Briza into my trunk but fit it did! In the end, I was able to enjoy a splendid group ride on a comfortable bike with a nice, upright riding position. The Dahon Briza was able to handle itself very nicely both on the smooth pavement of the main road and the dirt roads I had to navigate to get to some of the farms.

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  • Ohthe

    I didn’t see any rack in the photograph? Is the one pictured the one you reviewed? Was the gearing adequate for hills? How was the handling? Not a very good review.

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