Endura Luminite II Rain Jacket Review

Momentum Mag reviews the Endura Luminite II Jacket.


FIND IT AT: endurasport.com

The Endura Luminite II Jacket is a lightweight, fully seam-sealed, waterproof jacket. Breathable and compact and emblazoned with many reflective markings on the front, back, and sides. Also includes a built-in flashing red light on the back. Products are protected under guarantee against defects. Available in three colors.


The built-in rear red light is a great idea and the battery seems to last forever. Jacket has lots of pockets, front, rear, and inside, something usually missing.


I wish the product name “Endura” wasn’t quite as prominent as I do not like being a walking billboard for any brand of clothing, but at least it’s reflective!


I took this jacket out in heavy rain and barely noticed the weather, arriving warm and dry at my destination. Even on days when the weather was better, this jacket performs well, keeping my body temperature just right. All waterproof jackets tend to make you sweat a bit, but with its ventilated arms and lightweight material, this is probably the most breathable one I have ever tried.

Mike Shellard has been riding a bike as his primary mode of transportation most of his life without noticing it. He became a “cyclist” after moving to Vancouver in 2001. @normalbikes

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