Showers Pass Club Visible Pant Review

Momentum Mag reviews the Showers Pass Club Visible Pant.

Showers Pass Club Visible Pants

Photo courtesy of Club Visible

PRICE: $150.00


The Shower Pass Club Visible Rain Pants are made from waterproof, yet breathable, Artex fabric with seam-taped construction and generous amounts of 3M Scotchlite reflective material. Features long zippers at the ankles for easy on and off over shoes and Velcro straps to cinch up your pant-leg to avoid a greasy chain. These pants also have exterior pockets for easy access to keys, phone, or other small items. Available in sizes S-XXL.


You’ll definitely be seen on the roads, and be dry when you get to where you’re going, with the Club Visible Rain Pants. I stayed completely dry and comfortable, even on very wet days, without overheating. While my commute is fairly short, given the performance I experienced, these should be able to keep you dry on longer journeys too.


While the visibility factor is a main selling point (they are called Club Visible after all), something a little more subtle would make me more likely to wear these in anything other than a serious downpour.


These pants made me feel invincible to the weather, but I also felt like a member of a construction crew on the road wearing such an intensely visible color. Definitely not for the “Cycle Chic” crowd.

Mike Shellard is a daily cycling commuter and office drone based in Vancouver, BC. @normalbikes

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  • lagatta à montréal

    I prefer good lights and reflective paint on the bicycle itself. This would make anyone who isn’t model slim look like a cow. Not conducive to getting the average person cycling to work!

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