Endura Luminite Gloves Review

Momentum Mag reviews the Endura Luminite Gloves

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Endura Luminite gloves are made with a waterproof breathable fabric which helped keep my hands warm and dry in rainy riding conditions. Available in day-glo yellow or subtle black with reflective flashings for extra visibility while signaling, these are great gloves for the daily commuter.


I really liked the dexterity these non-bulky gloves provide without sacrificing warmth. I was able to operate the zippers on my jacket and use my keys quite easily and the gel padding in the palms provided for a very comfortable ride.


I wish the gloves would come up a little higher on the wrists and that they could have included touch-screen sensitive finger tips!


I took a very long ride (over 2 hours) in a heavy downpour and the gloves performed very well for the first hour. After that they became waterlogged but though my hands got wet, they remained quite warm. In normal rainy conditions these gloves are ideal, but I couldn’t recommend them for any long distance touring in inclement weather.

Mike Shellard is a year-round commuter who loves to ride regardless of the weather.  His best rides are on lunch breaks in Stanley Park, Vancouver.  Shellard is a new dad and very excited to get his son on a bike.

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