Are You Ready for National Bike Month?

The nationwide celebration kicks off May 1, 2015.

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Photo courtesy of City Clock Magazine

Photo courtesy of City Clock Magazine

May is National Bike Month, a 31-day nationwide celebration of all things bicycle. From health-conscious trail riders to diehard four-season commuters,  National Bike Month encourages Americans to remember and celebrate the various reasons they ride.

With a number of events taking place from coast-to-coast throughout the month, including Cyclofemme and Bike to School Day, there are more opportunities than ever to meet up in the bike lanes and connect with the community. By far the largest events are National Bike to Work Day and Bike to Work Week, which will be taking place May 15 and May 11-15, respectively.

If you’re an occasional social rider who’s been meaning to ride more or just a little bike-curious, National Bike Month is the perfect opportunity to get the wheels in motion and experience the joy of life on a bike. If you haven’t ridden in a while and don’t feel prepared for that first ride to work, Momentum Mag’s online shop has all of the gear you’ll need to dust off that old two-wheeled steed and celebrate national bike month in style.

The League of American Bicyclists, who have sponsored National Bike Month since 1956, have all of the info you need to find (or plan!) an event in your community. Or you can connect with your local bike advocates and bike shops to find out what’s going on.

Happy National Bike Month!




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