Hiplok D Bicycle U-lock Review

Momentum Mag reviews the Hiplok D bicycle U-lock.

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This small U-lock (known as a D-lock in the UK, and hence the name) is a high security lock with a 13 mm hardened steel shackle and a tough nylon outer shell. It features a 13.5 x 7 cm internal area and weighs 100 grams. A clip attaches to the crossbar section and when not in use the lock can be clipped to your belt.


At first I was skeptical about the size of the Hiplok D. Hiplok is a European company and I was worried about it’s compatibility with North American racks, but I shouldn’t have been. The lock worked very well with a lot of lock spots. When clipped to my belt, it felt surprisingly weightless.


The locking mechanism started off smooth, with only turning the key half way to unlock the D. However, after a few short weeks of using the lock, the mechanism became sticky and difficult to unlock. I also never locked it without a cable, because this lock would never fit a wheel as well as the frame.


It is a great little lock for when a large U-lock is not necessary and those outings when carrying light accessories is the way to go.


  • Ramon

    Wait, the reviewer was concerned that a European U-lock would be incompatible with American bike racks?

    • Erin

      Well, yes I was. In Vancouver at least there are some very thick bike lock spots and it has been the case in the past where small U-Locks are simply too small to be used in this city.

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