Rickshaw Bagworks Duo Bicycle Pannier Review

Momentum Mag reviews Rickshaw Bagworks’ Duo Pannier bicycle bag.

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Inspired by classic Dutch bicycle bags, the Rickshaw Duo Panniers are made in Rickshaw Bagworks’ factory in San Francisco, CA. Details are at the forefront with this bag, with easily attachable Velcro tabs, a shoulder strap, and expandable size. The bag is made of rugged, made-in-the-USA Cordura nylon fabric, sturdy enough for everyday use.


Rickshaw’s blog specifies what sizes of rack are ideal for the Duo Pannier, which is a good thing to consult before purchasing these panniers. It is very easy to attach and de-attach this bag with the Velcro tabs and the bag never came loose while I was riding. The bags expand to a huge size and I often found myself carrying around more than I necessarily had to because the size of the bags is so flexible. The adjustable houndstooth fabric top flaps kept everything dry. It is such a flashy bag, I always received compliments when I was out running errands. Using the shoulder strap when off my bike was a breeze as well.


At times, the bag was bordering on too big for my needs, it would have been nice to have the option to detach one half of the bag. The bag gets it’s shape from a plastic insert that can be removed, which was convenient for washing if something was ever spilled. However, the plastic insert quickly became warped on one side and it was clear that it was not behaving as it was originally designed, which became annoying. The attachment mechanism being only velcro, without any bungee apparatus, any unevenly distributed weight was very clearly felt while riding the bike. Also, when on the rack, the panniers did not leave room for me to carry my U-lock on the rack, or anywhere outside of the bags. This meant that I sometimes had to risk carrying my heavy U-lock with my other items and I worried about them being crushed.


I loved these panniers for their carrying capabilities. Awkward objects like yoga mats could be secured with no extra gear. They are very fashionable and I received lots of compliments.

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