Leather and Wood Bags from Nisnas Industries

Nisnas Industries handcrafts unique bike bags of leather and wood in Haifa, Isreal.

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“Nisnas Industries is a community workshop,” said Yossi, one of Nisnas Industries’ founders. “We combine local craft with community programming, the bags are made locally with our friends and local partners, and a share of the proceeds goes towards local community youth projects in Wadi Nisnas, Haifa, many of which we run ourselves.” 

Working out of their peacock-friendly shop in Haifa, Israel, Yossi and co-founder Max use innovative leather and wood techniques to create bicycle bags.

The Kul Rex features an unique wood spine that attaches to vegetable-tanned leather sides with brass hardware. Inside are zippered pockets and compartments to store smaller items. Exterior straps fit the Kul Rex onto your bike as well as across your back using the included leather strap. The bags are made to fit on almost any road bike frame.

The Kul Porter is a slightly smaller version of the Kul Rex, made with the same beautifully-crafted wood and featuring a racing stripe of Mahogany and Pine running down the spine. Straps are on the back end and side to fit onto the top tube or hang from handlebars. The bag fits on slightly smaller road bike frames.

Both of these bags and other Nisnas Industries products, including hand-crafted wood and stainless steel fenders, are available on their website with shipping worldwide.



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