Mozie Bicycles Carolina City Bike Review

Momentum Mag reviews the Mozie Bicycles Carolina city bike.

PRICE $1,599


The Carolina, an upright with a step-through frame, is a statement bicycle that fuses style and sophistication to technological innovation. This modern-day bike is outfitted with a Shimano Nexus 7-speed internal-gear hub, frame-mounted tire pump, rear rack, front basket, chrome dynamo-powered headlamp, and leather Buck & Wing saddle and grips.


The best thing about this bike is how beautiful it looks. The Carolina inspires random strangers to come up to you and tell you how beautiful your bike is or lean out of a car window and shout “I LOVE YOUR BIKE” as they pass you on the road.

Beside that, Carolina is a premium step-though bike that rides like a dream. The bike comes fully loaded with a large front basket, front and rear dynamo-powered lights, tire pump, kickstand, and skirt guard so you are ready to roll straight away.


I would have wished for a softer bike saddle. It was really hard initially and took quite a few weeks to soften regardless of riding it basically everyday. A sore bum doesn’t go well with a bike as elegant as this one.


This bike is ideal for the city rider, whether commuting to and from work or getting noticed doing errands. Because the Carolina is an upright city bike and has a steel frame, I don’t recommend this bike for someone who needs to commute long distances to work. This bike was definitely meant for the city. If you live in a hilly city, be prepared to have quads of steel within a month of riding.


The Carolina makes me feel like I’m meant to be riding around the canals of Amsterdam with a bottle of wine and a baguette in my basket. With its European-style step-through frame and its upright biking position (the more upright the better, in my opinion) it fit perfectly into my riding style. I would absolutely recommend this bike to someone that has a similar riding style to mine where function is important but style comes first.

This bike was generously assembled by The Standard.

Reviewed by: Molly Millar works at Momentum Mag and can be found commuting around town on a variety of bikes, the more upright the better. @mollyemillar

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