Nau Motil Commuter Messenger Bag Review

Momentum Mag’s the Nau Motil Commuter messenger bag.

PRICE $225


Nau’s Motil Commuter bag is a refined take on the classic messenger bag. Using technical fabrics, sleek construction, and weather-resistant materials makes this bag a great addition to your bike to work uniform. With a hanging 17″ padded laptop sleeve, two external pockets, internal security zip pocket, and organizational pocket, there is a lot of space to keep your gear and stationary safely organized. Made from 100 percent recycled polyester along with recycled aluminum buckles. Available in Caviar (Black).


With understated good looks, plenty of storage space, smart use of pockets and slots, and an eco-friendly build to boot, the Nau Motil Commuter is a surprisingly versatile and beautifully made messenger bag. Made completely without Velcro and snap buckles, this is also one very stealthy carryall.


The two external side pockets taper toward the opening, making for a very tight fit for many styles of water bottle. Narrower bottles do fit well and are held snug in place by the body strap overlap at the top of the pockets.


Nau’s Motil Commuter messenger bag is surprisingly spacious and versatile and looks sharp in its herringbone fabric. Inside, I was able to fit a complete change of clothes, a pair shoes, and a 13″ laptop with a room to spare for a book and smaller items along with a 750 ml steel water bottle in the outer pocket. The sculpted design of the bag, meaning that is isn’t perfectly square, allowed it to move and shape around items placed inside both large and small. Carrying the bag at near to full capacity was never uncomfortable due to the padding throughout the entire bag as well as the wide shoulder strap. Closing the bag using the two recycled metal clips took a little practice, but soon became second nature. A zippered, mesh pocket kept smaller items like a smartphone, notebook, and wallet accessible yet secured for transit. An integrated handle on the outside of the bag was convenient for moving the bag around as I transited through various modes of transportation including air travel.

While Velcro strips and large snaps can speed up accessing items in a large messenger bag, I found the silent clips and smaller zippers a welcome change from the often loud “rip” or “clip” of other messengers bags that I’ve used. I also found that the bag was a little too large for my daily needs, but was the perfect size when used as a carry-on when flying. If your daily needs require carrying books and a laptop, and/ or a change of clothes, then the Motil Commuter will fit the bill.

Overall, Nau has put together a smart messenger bag that is intelligently and responsibly designed with subtle good looks and functionality galore.

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