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Momentum Mag reviews the Nau Utilize Pant.

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Nau Utilize Pant

PRICE $100 USD/ $110 CAD

Nau’s Utilize Pant is inspired by workwear trousers and is made with a lightweight organic cotton twill. The cut features knee darts and a clean, modern fit that goes from work to play without missing a beat. Roll up the cuffs to reveal reflective tape for a more visible presence on the bike.


The Utilize Pant is an excellent upgrade to your current casual chinos. The lighter fabric is comfortable on and off of the bike and smart features, like the hidden smartphone sleeve within the front left hip pocket, are something you’ll wish all your trousers had.


The three available colors, Canvas, Khaki, and Ash, are great but on the lighter side. I would also like a dark color option like a navy blue or dark gray.


Nau’s Utilize Pant seamlessly adds subtle bike-friendly features to a tried and true casual trouser cut. The reflective tape within the outside seam of both cuffs is long enough to allow you to roll your cuffs much of the way up your calves and still be visible. On the right rear pocket is a second zippered pocket that is great if you’re prone to losing items, though I found that the drop-in rear pocket was deep enough to keep my wallet with me on rides around town. The smartphone sleeve within the front left pocket is genius. It held my smartphone snug, keeping it from shifting within the pocket as I pedaled. It also positioned the phone toward the side of the leg, keeping it from twisting around and creating weird pocket bulges.

The cut of the Utilize Pant, along with the drop-in rear pockets and back seam details, keeps the look on the casual side of the fashion spectrum. I found them great for daily use in casual dress workplaces and were my first choice for weekend trousers even if I wasn’t spending much time on a bike.

Overall, Nau’s Utilize Pant is a great example of how to integrate activewear features into an everyday style of clothing. The bike-friendly features are only noticeable once you point them out to people, and are a welcome addition that I’d like to see on more items in my wardrobe.

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