Primal’s Ella Hoodie Review

Not all hoodies are created equal. The Ella Hoodie combines smart features with elegant style.

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Primal Ella Hoodie Review

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The Ella Hoodie combines smart features with elegant style. A unique collar and quarter length zipper, along with discrete reflective accents give this hoodie its fashionable style that works both on and off the bike. A mesh stretch action band and opening for a pony tail at the back of the hood provide distinct advantages for an active lifestyle. Made with pareille stretch melange fabric it allows for temperature and moisture control along with superior stretch so your range of motion is never restricted. Available in navygray and black.

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The Ella Hoodie is a great piece to have in your closet.  Lightweight and made of heavy melange that’s comfortable on the skin.  I’m happy to call it a new staple, banishing my old hoodies to the bottom of the pile.  The soft activewear touches are thoughtful. Reflective lines on the hoodie enhance visibility and add an interesting element to the design. Lower back jersey pockets that are the usual telltale signs of a sport cyclists are exceptionally subtle, allowing for function without making me look like I am warming up for a race.

I would have loved a full zip version of this hoodie. Then, I would  never let it go. I found the small collar zip a little unnecessary as the zipper actually ended up tickling my chin.  That accent may have been achieved without the zip?  But that’s just me.

I loved the Ella Hoodie the minute I opened it up. Lightweight, subtle and super functional, this hoodie easily became a regular go to during the cold winter. Whether I was biking, skiing or lounging around the house on the weekend the hoodie functioned great and if additional warmth was needed it was the perfect base layer below a vest or jacket.  I wore the Ella in size medium and found the fit around the chest on the small side but perfectly fitting on the arm and torso length.  Overall the Ella’s design seamlessly allowed me to wear it on days I wanted to be casual, and when I got invited to go cross-country skiing in the evening then for drinks afterwards, I didn’t have to worry about changing my clothing. A great choice for us urbanites that like to be ready for any active occasion.

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