An Umbrella For Riding: The Senz Umbrella Bike Holder

Windproof umbrella brand Senz adds bike portability with new holder.

Photos courtesy of Senz

Photos courtesy of Senz

Frustrated with conventional umbrellas, Gerwin Hoogendoorn has designed an umbrella that can really stand up to the wind. The collective problem with circular umbrellas is that they have a tendency to work like sails at the wrong angle and get blown inside out. This can cause even the sturdiest umbrellas to break and become useless. Hoogendoorn’s solution has created buzz all around the world with an aerodynamic redesign of the traditional circular umbrella frame, known as Senz.

Throughout the rainy season, wind and rain often invade the daily routine. With Senz’ efficient guard against damage from the wind, the brand has expanded to the next seemingly logical level for a Dutch company. A sturdy umbrella holder now attaches conveniently to bicycle handlebars. While the company advises that the holder not be used in strong winds, on most rainy days, this holder and wind resistant umbrella could provide a portable roof for your bike. The holder allows both hands to rest on the handlebars and the centered position of the umbrella allows visibility with no blind spots. When not in use, the holder positions a folded umbrella along the bike fork for easy storage and accessibility.

Senz umbrellas are available in the US and Canada and online. The bike holder ships from the Netherlands. |

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