Spotlight on Bicycle Fashion Designers – N.Bidlake

Nathan and Emily Bartels launched N.Bidlake, a clothing brand that tailors urban adventure wear.

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Spotlight: Nathan and Emily Bartels

Tailored urban adventure wear.

Founded 2013 | San Luis Obispo, CA

Nathan and Emily Bartels, a husband and wife duo passionate about adventure, launched N.Bidlake on January 1, 2013 with the men’s and women’s All-rounder Trousers. “All of our designs are inspired by our lifestyle and what makes sense for our daily urban adventures,” said Emily Bartels. “Commuting on bikes, driving motorcycles, cruising on skateboards, traveling afar, and trips to the beach for ‘board’ meetings.”

N.Bidlake clothing is made for people who value a life of health and sustainability, love the urban bike commute, enjoy travel, and desire better clothing to fit their lifestyle – versatile, comfortable, and durable. “Net+ represents our core values,” said Bartels, “The term came from a simple question: at the end of the day, impact on our community and the world? Net+ helps us to de­ ne success. For us, success goes beyond just pro­fits, but also about how we as a company make a positive global impact.”

This focus on positive impact also resulted in the Bartels focusing on small batch production runs. “Working with sewing operations that have a small team of highly skilled workers has given us an opportunity to build relationships with the people behind the construction of the products,” shared Bartels. “In return, our manufacturing partners get to provide their best work. In the end, you get to smile knowing your N.Bidlake clothing had an awesome beginning and you are part of a better way.”

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